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Club Profile

Club Mission and Vision
As a public platform where Kungfu Kings at all levels of WKA Kungfu King Championship gather and communicate, Kungfu King Club is the “Kungfu Hall of Fame”. Only the champions of WKA Kungfu King Championship are qualified to be members of Kungfu King Club.

Kungfu King Club aims to carry forward the Chinese Kungfu spirit and pass down Chinese Kungfu culture through the influence of each Kungfu King, cultivate more future Kungfu Kings, and make contributions to the inheritance and development of Chinese martial arts.

By building a platform of Kungfu Kings for resource integration and market operation, Kungfu King Club gives full play to the market and social values of Kungfu Kings, promotes the popularization and development of Sanda and makes traditional sports play a role in the national fitness and Chinese health program.

Kungfu King Club will make use of each Kungfu King’s power to help socially disadvantaged groups, uphold social justice, fulfill social responsibilities, and make contributions to the building of a harmonious society.

Club Operation and Management
Kungfu King Club, operated and managed by Guowu Times International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the operator of Kungfu King Championship, is a platform on which its members can communicate and cooperate with each other, and a stage that offers advice and earnestly practices what it advocates for the development of Chinese Kungfu.

Club Business Scope
The Kungfu King Club will carry out businesses with a focus on public welfare, centering on the promotion and development of Sanda, body-building and the health of all people, including the promotion of Chinese Wushu culture, Sanda training, cultivation of Sanda stars and Sanda fitness instructors, citizen fitness and health services, and public welfare and charity activities.

The Kungfu King Club Training Camp will select excellent young Sanda athletes from across the country, and cultivate a new generation of Kungfu Kings through professional, scientific, and systematic training. Sanda contestants attending the training camp will be instructed by Kungfu Kings of past sessions. They will have the priority to attend the Kungfu King Championships. Through a high standard of training and instruction and high quality competitions, they will become Sanda stars in the future, and encourage more youngsters to take part in Sanda activities, and promote the development of Sanda as a sport.

Apart from basic technical training, the Kungfu King Club will put importance on the cultivation of decency, morals, and humanist qualities of Sanda athletes. The club will cultivate athletes' etiquette awareness, through the training relating to the appearance ceremony, etiquette before, during and after the competition, and cultivate athletes' cultural competence and moral sentiments, through studies of Chinese ancient civilization and Wushu ethics education.