Tai Chi Fan

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Tai Chi Fan is a combination of movements from Tai Chi Boxing and other martial arts, Peking Opera and dance. The hard and soft Tai Chi Boxing movements, the natural and elegant fan dance and the masculine martial arts combine to make Tai Chi Fan spectacular and artistically aesthetical. Tai Chi Fan has become an exercise of unique style.

Popular Tai Chi Fan schools include the Chen-style Tai Chi Fan, Yang-style Tai Chi Fan, Lotus Tai Chi Fan, and Four-dimensional Tai Chi Fan. Among them, the Yang-style Tai Chi Fan is quite impressive for its modern features; a fusion of the Tai Chi Boxing, fan technique, martial art, and stage postures, it is characterized by natural, graceful and smooth movements, a compact rhythm, a moderate speed, implied force, and elegant postures. The persistent exercise of Tai Chi Fan can not only promote health but also prolong life, and it is quite suitable for the public to nourish life and strengthen health.