Efficacy of Tai Chi Boxing

Source: 2017年04月12日 Views

Many experts and scholars have made research on Tai Chi Boxing in recent years, and it has been proven that the persistent exercise of Tai Chi Boxing not only strengthens health, but also helps to heal some diseases, such as hypertension, ulcers, heart disease, and tuberculosis.


1. Effects on the nervous system:

The exercise of Tai Chi Boxing, first of all, requires concentration and calmness, stressing the direction by the mind power. Persistent practice will effectively exercise the nervous system of the brain. At the same time, the movements of Tai Chi Boxing need to be performed without any letup, and all parts of the body including eyes, hands, torso and legs must be well coordinated. This requires good abilities to balance and coordinate, both of which work through the nervous system and thus exercise the nervous system indirectly.


2. Effects on bones, muscles and joints:

The exercise of Tai Chi Boxing has quite high requirements on the form of the spine and all bones of the body, the least of them being the body and back straight and centered. According to surveys, only 28.5% of the senior who regularly exercised Tai Chi Boxing suffer from pine malformation (humpback), which is considerably lower than the percentage of 47.2% for the senior who do not exercise the martial art. At the same time, the senior who practiced Tai Chi Boxing persistently are one time less than those who didn’ t practice the martial art in number. It is thus evident that persistence in exercising of Tai Chi Boxing is quite good to all the bones, muscles and joints of the body.


3. Effects on metabolism:

Surveys have shown that the content of cholesterol in blood drops half an hour after a senior person practices Tai Chi Boxing, some of them quite evident. At the same time, the content of albumin in blood increases, which can greatly prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. It is thus evident that Tai Chi Boxing works well to promote metabolism.


4. Effects on the digestive system:

Because Tai Chi Boxing has rigorous breathing requirements, persistent practice of it can improve the blood circulation of the human body and thus promote digestion and prevent constipations.


High working pressure and erratic lifestyles of modern people are liable to cause essence and Qi deficiency, blood stasis, obstruction of meridians, etc., followed by such symptoms as weakening liver and kidney functions, decaying memory, disordered thinking, rapid and weak breath, flabby muscles, thickening abdominal fat, reduction in absorption functions of the stomach and intestines, and weakening sexual functions. The persistent correct practice of Tai Chi Boxing will make meridians all over the body unobstructed and Qi and blood sufficient, which in turn makes it not liable to develop illness.