Chinese Martial Arts

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Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), also known as “art of the nation”, is a traditional Chinese sports event. Evolved from the ways of human fighting and combat in ancient times, martial arts utilizes offensive and defensive combat actions such as kicks, punches, wrestling and takedowns as its foundation, and arranges them into a variety of offensive and defensive combat routines according to certain rules. Aside from its application in fighting and combat, martial arts also functions to build up physical fitness and develop will power.


Chinese Martial Arts boasts a long history and an extensive and profound cultural system. It is a treasure of Chinese civilization as well as the crystallization of Chinese people’s wisdom. In its long process of development, martial arts has gathered a wide variety of combat essence, established its ideological foundation on traditional philosophy and ethics, and based its scientific root upon the doctrines of traditional military strategists and traditional Chinese medicine to perform internal cultivation and external trainings with equal importance attached to the techniques as well as the principles. Martial arts have created well-organized martial arts systems and numerous sects of Chinese kungfu (another alias for Chinese Martial Arts), and has formed a cultural system of martial arts with unique national features.