Leading World Fighting Trends, Creating a National Competition Brand

Source: 2017年03月25日 Views

The Chinese Wushu Association and Guowu Times International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. entered into the 2017 WKA Kungfu King of the World Cooperation Agreement and announced that the competition will be held on the 28th of October.

Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, Zhang Qiuping, vice chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, Chen Guorong, and director of the China Sports Publications Corporation, Gao Chao, attended the event. Famous "WKA Kungfu King of the World", Liu Hailong, "WKA King of Kungfu Kings", Bao Ligao, and "WKA Kungfu Kings" of different levels such as Yang Xiaojing, Zhao Zilong, Nayori gerile, Li Jie, and Zheng Yusong, and famous coaches and referees that had attended the WKA Kungfu King also arrived at the scene.

In his speech, Zhang Qiuping said, "The Party Central Committee is advocating cultural development and prosperity. General Secretary Xi Jinping and Vice Premier Liu Yandong had made important instructions for the development of Chinese Wushu. Wushu is a highlight of the age-old traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and a noble sentiment of the Chinese nation. As a main part of Wushu, Sanda is a unique unarmed combat sport from the Chinese nation. In 2000, the WKA Kungfu King held by the Chinese Wushu Association caused a sensation. In a sense, 'Kungfu King' has become a symbol of Chinese Wushu and a brand of national competition. We will invite the best domestic and overseas Sanda contestants to attend the upcoming 2017 WKA Kungfu King of the World. Through this event, we wish to improve athletes' skill levels, facilitate the professional development of Sanda as a sport, and carry forward the national spirit centered on patriotism and the spirit of time centered on reform and innovation."

At present, the market is glutted with various kinds of fighting competitions. We need to uphold a banner of the nation and create a national competition brand. Sanda is a fighting competition developed by China on its own. Chen Guorong said to a reporter: "We should establish our own competition platforms, have our own Sanda stars, and create our own leading competitions. the WKA Kungfu King of the World emerged as the times required it."

Executive president of GW Media Xu Weining said, on 25 March 2000, the WKA Kungfu King was held in Beijing for the first time. The WKA Kungfu King has accumulated precious experience in professionalism and the market-oriented reform of Chinese Wushu, and opened up the professional reform of Chinese Wushu competitions. After a dormancy of 11 years, the "Kungfu King" will be regenerated and the WKA Kungfu King will be kicked off again. He said: "As the fighting market is booming, we will regenerate the brand of the 'Kungfu King', and adopt a more advanced operation model, while considering the current situation, grasping the market, analyzing the market, basing ourselves and preserving characteristics. We believe that the competition will have a bright future."

"WKA Kungfu King of the World", Liu Hailong, on behalf of the athletes that had attended the Kungfu King Competition, made a speech. He reviewed the glorious days when he attended the Kungfu King Competition. He expressed his gratitude to the competition, because it provided many athletes with a platform to show their strength. Because of this platform, he gained many die-hard fans who have supported him and Chinese Sanda for many years. Kungfu Kings hope that young contestants can cherish this opportunity, and prove themselves in the ring.

At the press conference, GW Media, the sponsor of the competition, disclosed the new logo and mascot for Kungfu King, the Kungfu Baby recruitment plan, and the official website and wechat of Kungfu King. It is said that the WKA Kungfu King will be kicked off within the year.

Three Highlights of the 2017 WKA Kungfu King of the World

Chinese First-class Competition

In 2000, the WKA Kungfu King held by Chinese Wushu Association caused a sensation. At present, no Wushu competitions have exceeded the Kungfu King competition held at that time in terms of influence. In a sense, "Kungfu King" has become a symbol of Chinese Wushu and a national competition brand, which is unique in the world.

In 2017, the Chinese Wushu Association joined hands with Guowu Times International Culture Media to hold the WKA Kungfu King of the World, symbolizing that the Chinese Kungfu King has embarked on the road to go global. Because of its high standard and level, the competition has won wide attention.

An International Top-notch Standard

Due to the direct involvement of the Chinese Wushu Association, the standard of the competition and the professional level of contestants have reached top-notch international level. The contestants of the WKA Kungfu King of the World comprise the world's best Sanda contestants selected by the Chinese Wushu Association, including many of the champions of the Sanda World Championships, National Sanda Championships, and the National Games.

World-class directors and design teams will create a good atmosphere for the stadium, which will not only show the characteristics of the nation, but also comprise international fashion elements. The audience will experience the excitement of the Sanda competition and splendid top-notch audio-visual art.

Great Comeback of Kings

The WKA Kungfu King held from 2000 to 2005 gave birth to many widely known Sanda stars. Kungfu Kings become idols of Chinese people and even had worldwide influence. The WKA Kungfu King of the World indicates a great comeback for the Chinese Kungfu King. Now, "young hunks" dominate the market. We desire the return of Chinese strength.